What is a Viol?


Viol Events in Ontario

Baroque Music Beside the Grange
Baroque Music Beside the Grange is a small but much-admired series with a long established tradition of intimate, accessible and top quality early chamber music concerts on period instruments, performed in the warm acoustic of a historic downtown Toronto church and typically features eclectic programs, performed by some of Canada's finest musicians, and guests from abroad.

Greensleaves, a Kitchener-area early music ensemble, was formed in 1996 and is dedicated to the performance of Renaissance and early Baroque music. The consort consists of recorders, gambas and lute, performing in period costume for concerts, weddings and banquets in Southern Ontario, often playing their own arrangements of popular repertoire from the 14th to 18th centuries.

La Favoritte
La Favoritte is a chamber ensemble dedicated to promoting the understanding and enjoyment of early vocal and instrumental music in Ottawa. Beginning as a trio of voice, plucked, and bowed strings, it has grown to a larger ensemble frequently performing as a full-sized baroque orchestra including winds, brass, and tympani.

I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble
Shunning the traditional concert-going experience, I Furiosi is revolutionizing the face of Canadian early music. This group of four inspired and informed musicians performs programmes of music rarely heard on stage with an unparalleled and unusual fervour and sex-appeal, invoking the “bizarre and unnatural” aesthetic of the Baroque era, both cherished and despised in its time.

Musicians in Ordinary
Named after the singers and lutenists who performed in the Stuart monarch's most The Musicians In Ordinary dedicate themselves to the early solo song and chamber vocal music. Soprano Hallie Fishel and lutenist/guitarist John Edwards recreate for 21st century audiences the intimate beauty of this repertoire.

Nota Bene Baroque
Nota Bene Period Orchestra was founded in 2001 by Daniel Zondervan, Michael Purves-Smith and Richard Cunningham and treats the Waterloo Region to 17th and 18th century music as audiences experienced it at the time, playing on authentic or replica instruments.

Opera Atelier
Opera Atelier produces opera, ballet and drama from the 17th and 18th centuries with productions that draw upon the aesthetics and ideals of the period, featuring soloists of international acclaim, period ballet, original instruments, elaborate stage décor, exquisite costumes and an imaginative energy.

Sampling from a broad range of genres, Scaramella's energetic and accessible chamber music programs transgress traditional boundaries by combining the unique and subtle timbres inherent to period instruments with the excitement and anticipation of performing new, even unknown works. Directed by viol player, Joëlle Morton, the programs incorporate early, classical and a variety of folk music along with other media.

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra
Tafelmusik, Canada's orchestra on period instruments, is in its 27th season and has achieved international recognition for its concerts and recordings. The ensemble has eighteen core members, all specialists in historical performance practice, performing on original instruments or modern replicas faithful in design and construction to the originals.

Talisker Players
Since its founding in 1995, Talisker Players has gained an enviable reputation for excellence in the art of choral accompanying. A flexible-size group, it performs with choirs large and small, in repertoire ranging from baroque (on original or modern instruments) to 21st century. The ensemble also presents its own series of vocal chamber music concerts, which take its skills in vocal/instrumental collaboration into a more intimate realm.

Toronto Consort
The Toronto Consort is Canada's leading chamber ensemble specializing in the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and early Baroque. Featuring some of Canada's leading early music specialists, its members include both singers and instrumentalists (lute, recorder, guitar, flute, early keyboards and percussion).

Toronto Early Music Centre
TEMC is a non-profit charitable organization (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) promoting appreciation of historical music performance through sponsorship of concerts and activities such as pre-concert lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and master-classes. Under TEMC's auspices, Joëlle Morton directs a series of viol workshops over each season.

Toronto Early Music Players' Organization
TEMPO is a registered non-profit group and a chapter of the American Recorder Society, whose members play recorders, viols, flutes, harp and other early instruments. TEMPO offers monthly workshops in metro Toronto.

Toronto Masque Theatre
Toronto Masque Theatre performs masques (a unique combination of multiple artistic media: literature and theatre, music and song, dance and decoration) created from the Renaissance to the present day, taking as its inspiration the core Baroque repertoire of masques and semi-operas.