What is a Viol?


Viol Concerts Across Canada

Listed by province, we provide what information we have about period instrument ensembles that offer concerts where one might have the chance to hear viols played. In addition to supporting your local artists, these events may provide the opportunities to hear distinguished visiting guests. These are also players that could be contacted for lessons or coachings...

Please note that we are not a detailed early music concert listing - we provide only general information about concerts that are known to incorporate viol playing, some of them to a greater extent than others. We also regret that for some regions, we know of very little information, if any, to list. If you can suggest anything to add, please contact the and we will gladly include that information.

Events listings are organized by province. While we realize that each province is very large and not everyone lives close together, for organization purposes, it is simplest to generalize. Thanks for your understanding!

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  • Prince Edward Island
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