What is a Viol?


Viol Contacts in Canada

This page is designed to provide contact information for a variety of businesses and individuals across Canada.

This first link takes you to a list of Canadian viol makers, bow makers, restoration experts and other businesses that sell music, books, strings and supplies. If you know of anyone or anything we have inadvertently left off our list, please contact the so that we can update this page. Thanks!

If you are interested in finding other players in your region, renting an instrument or simply getting more information about the viol, please contact the ‘point person' in your region. For those provinces where no point person is listed, please contact the to request assistance.

  • British Columbia -
  • Alberta -
  • Saskatchewan - currently no info available
  • Manitoba -
  • Ontario -
  • Québec -
  • New Brunswick -
  • Prince Edward Island - currently no info available
  • Nova Scotia -
  • Newfoundland - currently no info available
  • Nothwest Territories - currently no info available
  • Yukon - currently no info available
  • Nunavut - currently no info available